At our Child and Family Centre we take enormous pride in every service that we deliver and we strive to do things to the best of our abilities.

Every day is different. I suppose this keeps us alert as we always look for new, innovative ways of doing things. The whole team understands that we need to be flexible and adaptable. This has been so prevalent during Covid-19 as the nursery has adapted to a new working pattern and groups must meet outdoors or on Zoom.

Everyone has adapted and done their bit to make these transitions as smooth as possible. Our services are meeting the needs of those who attend.

Every now and then there is a story that just illustrates the goodness and faithfulness of God. I want to bring your attention to a family that the Child and Family Centre has helped tremendously over the years. In their words, “we would not have made it if it was not for you guys.”

The family have been seeking asylum in the UK and have been moved from house to house. They cannot work and they can never settle into a home really because they can be moved on at any point. They were in this situation for 17 years.

They have two children who both went through our nursery and then the after school clubs. Mum often prayed for hours with our female Adult Worker and attended the Bible study faithfully. Dad attends the men’s group and both have been through training courses and parenting classes provided by the Child and Family Centre.

One day several months ago they attended a meeting. They were not aware that they were going to receive news that would change their lives forever. We were running an Alpha course when both of them appeared in utter shock after being given the news that they now had right to remain to stay status. We all celebrated as it was amazing news for all concerned.

As we move on several months, Mum applied for university to do Nursing and was accepted straight away. We have been able to do job applications with Dad and there are interviews pending. They both attend the Discipleship Group and just to hear them pray is a joy and a privilege for all concerned. God will sustain them.

James Hawthorn

Adult Worker