As we continue to adapt to Covid-19 at our Child and Family Centre, we persist in finding new ways and strategies to keep our families connected. The coffee morning used to take place every Tuesday morning and was always well attended. We took the decision to re-establish the coffee morning on Zoom several weeks ago as it became more and more apparent that the families were feeling isolated.

The session begins with a general catch up about how people are feeling about the loss of their daily routines, how they are coping with children at home and their emotional and mental well-being. Some parents were really struggling with stress and this has become a safe place to open up and share their challenges. The parents show compassion and kindness to one another.

Creating connections

This has become a platform for talking about and sharing strategies with each other. Parents discuss  their children’s development, how to keep them active and how to provide them with emotional and social support. This has led to parents, children and carers meeting up in the park or outdoors for safe social interaction – alleviating social isolation and loneliness.

The families really look forward to this event in their weekly calendar. It has given them a routine and provided some light-hearted fun with quizzes, games and baking demonstrations. Individuals have been able to share new skills learned during lockdown, including soap making, baking, cycling and home improvements.

Stronger bonds

A crucial element of the coffee morning is a one-minute devotion where an encouraging word can bring a new perspective. For example, Be Strong and Courageous from Joshua 1:9 which is appropriate for the situations we are all facing during the pandemic. Stronger bonds are being developed on the coffee morning which is helping people through this situation.

James Hawthorn
Adult Worker, Child and Family Centre