We were delighted to reopen our City Centre Project daily drop-in service last week for the first time since December.  For the past four months the only option to serve food to our guests was via a take-away only service where a member of staff would place a bag of food on a table outside and the guest would retrieve it.  At Glasgow City Mission, developing meaningful relationships and maintaining a sense of human connection is at the core of everything we do so having very little interaction with our guests has been particularly challenging for both staff and volunteers who have been working hard to continue to facilitate and provide meals on a daily basis.  Following the recent relaxing of restrictions, we were thrilled to reopen our doors and it’s been fantastic to be able to welcome both new and familiar faces and provide a hot meal and get a catch up with many of our guests who we’ve not seen for months.  We’re currently only able to provide places for up to 16 guests at a time, but we’re looking forward to the further easing of restrictions and being able to welcome even more guests and beginning to restart some of our other services.