Our Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) will open its doors next week on Wednesday 1 December.

We are pleased that this will once again be in a city centre hotel. Each guest will be allocated their own en-suite room which will give them privacy and dignity. It also helps make the OWC Covid safe. We are delighted to report that last year’s OWC only had one Covid case and there was no transmission on from the case.

As with last year, the OWC will be 24/7 to allow us to work closely with our guests to get the best housing solution for their needs. We will provide three meals a day as we ensure that no one needs to sleep rough in Glasgow during the worst of the winter weather.


To make sure that our staff are ready to face all eventualities we held our training days on 19, 20 and 22 November. We are extremely grateful to Shelter Scotland, The Scottish Drugs Forum, Salvas, Venture Medical, Restore Glasgow and our chaplain, Marion Carson. They delivered training on assault and avoidance, practical first aid, mental health first aid, administering naloxone, spotting the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery.

This training has equipped our staff and they are now desperate to start serving our guests.

If you want to contribute to our work in Glasgow, please donate to our Christmas Appeal, Gift hope this Christmas.