We are asking you to Gift hope this Christmas.

In our appeal, we tell the story of three of our guests – John, Majid and Rukhsana.

They tell their stories of family break up and pain and how they did not give up hope through the tough times before they had the joy of reunion. Glasgow City Mission was privileged to play a small, positive, part in these stories.

Please watch this video, which tells the stories in greater detail as you hear directly from John and Majid and as Simon tells Rukhsana’s story. Although from three different countries and from different cultures the pain of family break up is the same as is the joy of reunion.

John, Majid and Rukhsana are our guests, and our friends, and we are delighted that they are now all in a far better place than when we first met them. Your donation this Christmas time will help us to continue to serve our guests and Gift hope this Christmas.


Thank you.