We are holding a ‘Census week’ at our City Centre project from 14-18 March 2022, so that we can assist guests in completing the Census.

If you would like to help host a Census session please email Clare O’Sullivan, our Urban Co-Ordinator, because the more volunteers we have, the more appointments we can offer to guests who might not otherwise be heard! Clare’s email address is clare@glasgowcitymission.com

Scotland’s last 10-year Census was due to be in 2021, but it was postponed until this spring. The Scottish Government are looking to get as wide a response as possible, and so Glasgow City Mission will be a hub to help people who would normally be excluded from this process.

“By asking people who live in Scotland to provide information about themselves and where they live, the Scottish Government and other public bodies can make decisions about how public money is spent on essential services like schools, roads and healthcare in our local communities… Filling in the census helps find out what our community really needs.”

We are offering appointments to guests, who might need our help filling in the forms for different reasons. Some people might be computer literate, but not have internet access at home, so we will provide them with a coffee and let them use our computers.

Some people are not computer literate, and so a volunteer will help them to complete in the online forms.

The third group of people who we anticipate needing help are those who do not speak English as a first language. Some people have good spoken English, but can struggle with forms. In this case, a volunteer can talk through the questions with them. We also have paper forms in other languages available for some guests.

We also have paper versions of the form for guests who come to the City Centre project who are not staying at their registered address. A bundle of these forms will go to the Overnight Welcome Centre as well, so that staff there can offer to complete the Census with guests.

We think this is a really important opportunity, there are lots of guests who do not open their mail, and whose voices who are not usually heard. Their voices can shape how our government spends money in the future.

We are advertising this service to as many people as possible, Clare is inviting everyone she knows. A few volunteers have already signed up to make the sessions happen. Two people are staying on for an extra hour after their usual volunteering; one person is coming in just for a Census shift. If you would like to help host a session, please email Clare, the more volunteers we have, the more time we can offer to guests who want to speak up for their own needs.

Clare’s email is clare@glasgowcitymission.com