David and Tim head up our Rehab Pathways Team. They are working with guests who are affected by addiction.

They support these guests in accessing the appropriate rehab support. This is not an easy process and it can take many attempts for a guest to enter rehab. Some may then drop out before finishing the course and the team is back to the drawing board. Patience is required for this area of Glasgow City Mission’s work.

The good news is that some guests thrive in rehab and when that happens, it is a joy to support and encourage them. David reported last week that he had two phone calls, within 30 minutes, that really lifted his spirits and justified the team’s hard work.

These calls came from Stoke and Liverpool where two of our guests are flourishing after they entered rehabs. They have done so well that they are now involved with local churches and are working in local community projects. One of the guests is also in contact with his son who hasn’t been in his life for some time.

Our Rehab Pathways Team was set up one year ago and we can already see that this extremely important work is changing lives for the better.

We pray that the team remain patient and have many more positive phone calls. And, for the two guests presently in England, we pray that their heartening progress continues as they live full and positive lives free from addiction.