Our chief executive, Charles Maasz, was invited to speak at the Citygate Network Conference in San Antonio, Texas. This gathering was for 1,100 delegates across the USA who work in rescue and city missions with similar ministries to our own.

Charles presented a print of a portrait of the founder of Glasgow City Mission, David Nasmith, to the Citygate Network. After founding Glasgow City Mission, the first city mission in the world, David set up missions throughout the UK before going to the USA to start the movement there as well. Charles confirmed that Glasgow City Mission will be 200 years old in 2026 and therefore, as a result, all their missions were going to be 200 as well. He then invited anyone that was interested to join us in Glasgow for the celebrations!

Our Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Jack Geddes, accompanied Charles to the conference. Both received tremendous hospitality, made new friends, explored new products and ideas and learned what is new in the sector.

Already we are discussing some business with an American contact and two people will visit us from Tree of Life Ministries, Virginia, in September.