Our Child and Family Centre’s annual Family Holiday Club in Elder Park finished on Friday with a very tasty BBQ, for over 100 people, cooked by our chief executive, Charles. There were also more games and activities including a very refreshing water fight!

We reported a fortnight ago that the children were being extremely creative and this continued. The children made pasta necklaces, had bead tattoos done, climbed trees, played rounders and made airplanes to fly. They also joined with their families to create their family coat of arms, and the kids made models from loose part materials, ranging from farms, parks, garden and animals.

In addition, Light and Life Ministry team delivered a great many hand massages, prayer and encouraging words to the parents making it another day to remember!

Three weeks packed with fun, laughter and friendship have come to an end. We leave the last word to one of our guests, “What a fantastic club for the kids, the choice of activities are amazing. My grandkids love it; don’t know what we would do without this during summer holidays. Staff are so helpful and work so hard to keep the kids happy, entertained and tired out! Thank you very much from a very happy granny.”