Some guests of Glasgow City Mission were yesterday treated to a fascinating presentation and workshop delivered by local Glasgow coffee roasters, Glesga Roasters. A small social enterprise based out of Bishopbriggs Community Church, Glesga Roasters works hard to produce high quality artisan coffee straight from beans they receive directly from farmers, and provides opportunities for individuals with backgrounds of addiction and imprisonment to learn and develop new skills thus enhancing their capacity for employability. They also work closely with the rural communities providing the coffee beans, ensuring a fair price for their produce.


The session was attended by 15-20 guests, guest interns and staff members of Glasgow City Mission who were all enthralled by the roasting process, and the stories of transformation and positive change in the lives of the Glesga Roasters Team. Project Worker Susan Tulley said the following about the event, “It was really lovely to welcome Glesga Roasters today. It was great to hear the stories around where the coffee comes from and also to hear the stories from the staff. The scientific aspects were really interesting and was a great opportunity for our guests to learn as little more about the process of coffee roasting. We’re looking forward to ongoing work and partnership with Glesga Roasters and are hoping to organise a visit to Bishopbriggs soon.








More information about the work of Glesga Roasters can be found on their website, including the individual stories of transformation, the communities that are being supported and the different types of coffee they produce. Coffee can also be purchased directly from the website and they even offer a subscription service. You can visit their website by clicking the button below.

Glesga Roasters