In Urban, the guests have just finished their 12-week Improving Wellbeing course. We want to celebrate this group and the steps they have taken to improve their wellbeing. This is a diverse group of people, from a range of backgrounds. The Improving Wellbeing course is gentle learning, with lots of group work and activities. It is designed so that each individual makes their own plan of how to improve their wellbeing and how to set targets.


Clare O’Sullivan, Manager of Urban commented, “Everyone did their homework each week, which shows they were really invested.” The homework set is not onerous, and encourages guests to try new things in line with their emotional and physical wellbeing. One of the course participants, Laura remarked, “We all push ourselves to do the homework. You push yourself to do it, so you have something to discuss with the group.”

Trying different things

For Anna Pragnell, the course tutor, the course has been quite personal. Anna rewrote an existing City of Glasgow College course, to reflect her personality and the needs she perceived, adding the personal touches of a Music and a Food week.  “For Music week, we did singing, and listened to everyone else’s songs. We did a session on Mindfulness, and we even completed a five-minute meditation, which worked really well, despite being in the classroom.”

Eat less junk

One of the participants, Fiona says, “Improving Wellbeing gets you to experience different issues, it is very, very helpful because it stops me from procrastinating. It gives me more focus, and I am encouraged to do more exercise and eat natural, eat less junk.”

Caroline says, “Loved it. I like to be busy and I like to use my brain.”

I am fulfilled

Cherish* felt the course made her “Very excited and full.” Cherish went on, “I am finding I am gaining a lot of confidence. It is not that I was not aware of my wellbeing, but the teaching is very in depth and makes me work to be able to improve my wellbeing. The tasks I am to complete on the course are interesting and motivational. I am fulfilled.”

Tina* shared; “I found the Improving Wellbeing course very helpful, recovering from surgery it has helped me get out of my shell.” Another person said, “The course is interesting and it’s inspiring. I am learning to help myself improve.”

Cara* has made visible progress in her life. She says, “The course has been great for me, it has helped me boost my self-esteem. I was thinking about what has happened since I started Improving Wellbeing. I have started volunteering at a woman’s group, joined an opera choir, I am exercising daily, I am more aware of how I am with other people and I feel less angry.”

A family

Anna says, “The group feels like a family, the class has bonded well and everyone remembers things about everyone else.”

This group has really enjoyed learning wellbeing skills that they can keep applying to their lives. The group is looking forward to their next Urban and City of Glasgow college course taught by Anna.

* Some names were changed