We had our men’s event two weeks ago. We cooked chicken and vegetable pakora, had chicken tikka burgers and a lot of good chat. Fahim, who is a parent who attends our Messy Science at Pirie Park Primary School with his daughter Amaya who is 5 years old, turned up as we had invited him to come along. Fahim said that he has loved Messy Science and did not want it to end!

Syiam, who was our chef for the event, has a child in the same class as Fahim. These dads had never spoken to each other at the school but they cross paths every day when taking the kids back and forward.  It turns out that Fahim and Syiam have so much in common, they had a great conversation at our men’s event and at the end of the night, they exchanged phone numbers. This is a great illustration of us providing spaces for connection.

Fahim told us that his family have only been in Govan for a year and his wife feels isolated at home with an eight-month-old baby as Fahim works through the day. He said his wife only speaks a little English, struggles with confidence and is very shy. This gave us an ideal opportunity to tell Fahim about our weekly programme. There are various activities that his wife and baby could take part in, such as, ESOL, sewing, Parent and Toddler, keep fit and cooking. Amaya can also come to our Mini Heroes club on a Tuesday evening.

We are always delighted when different strands of our services weave together for the benefit of our guests.