At our Child and Family Centre in Govan, we hold a coffee morning every Tuesday from 9.30-11.30am with approximately five ladies attending at present. Some bring along babies and children under the age of five are welcome to come along as well.

We have different activities, most recently flower arranging for Mother’s Day and cooking classes. We listen to what the group want to do. Some examples are; relaxation mornings, nails, crafts, knitting, and making blankets and hats. Sometimes we have special meals or go out for food on special occasions.

Elaine said, “The coffee morning is a very important part of my week. It’s a place of comfort, safety, and complete friendship for me. I have had some difficulties in my life in the past year and the coffee morning has provided me with somewhere to talk and listen. I’ve learned new skills as well like flower arranging and cooking. But mainly it’s a place I know I am welcomed and cared for.”

Angela said, “The coffee morning is a huge part of my week. I have been coming for many, many years and have met some amazing people who have encouraged and helped me. Over the last few months with the help of the coffee morning staff, Margaret and Mags, and other parents, I have gained confidence in baking and cooking a meal so I feel able to do these things at home. I have a young baby and feel lonely some days but being part of the coffee morning I can chat, have a wee tea and biscuit and relax in a safe and welcoming environment.”

However, sometimes the ladies just want to have a cup of coffee or tea, a piece of cake and a chat with each other as they can relax and enjoy each other’s company while their children play with the toys.

Laura said, “It has been great to attend coffee morning every week. It’s a safe space where we can chat to each other and have fun. I particularly enjoy doing flower arrangements; pamper sessions and learning new ideas with our cooking lessons. Most of all I have made some amazing friends!”

Our photograph shows the beautiful flower arrangements the ladies made for Mother’s Day on 19 March.