A small group of our guests enjoyed a hill walk recently in Muirshiel Park with Project Workers, Derek and Adam. The group had a wonderful time in the cold, clear sunshine climbing Queenside Hill, with Simeon, a worker from YWAM Seamill.

Derek says “It was a long day, but a glorious day, with lots of blue sky, a bit of challenging moorland, incredible views and good chat.”

Experiencing the outdoors is a wonderful way to build community. People got to know each other’s stories a bit better on the walk. One of the guests had a device that was playing praise music all the way up, so the group even had a sound track!

Adam says, “We find it helpful to get people outdoors, and away from the city because this leads to better conversations.” One guest said how much this walk, “helped me both physically and mentally, I am really keen to go again.”

A mix of people born in Scotland and new Scots took part in this walk, including some guests who are part of the new Glaswegian Bible study. The Bible study takes place on a Tuesday. This is an optional Bible study for New Glaswegians, which is gentle and allows people space to explore questions as the group learns about the Bible together.

Getting out of the city and exercising is great for our guests’ physical and mental health. It also helps to deepen relationships as we seek to create closer community at Glasgow City Mission.

Simeon from YWAM is passionate about helping people experience God’s creation by hiking, walking and camping to get closer to God. If you are interested, you can find out more about YWAM outdoor work here: https://ywamseamill.org/ministries/live-in-awe/.