We are opening our Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) next Friday, 1 December 2023. Our staff team have just finished three days of rigorous training including an Introduction to Homelessness Legislation by Shelter Scotland, The Asylum Process and People’s Rights by Migrant Help, Spotting the Signs of Human Trafficking by Restore Glasgow, Safeguarding and Boundaries presented by our chaplain Marion Carson, First Aid by Green Cross and De-escalation by Salvas. We are now ready to open our doors to those who are in danger of sleeping rough in Glasgow this winter

Last year, we supported 534 individuals to avoid rough sleeping and we anticipate that this number may be larger this year with the cost of living crisis and rising numbers of people sleeping rough in the city.

Once again this year we are hosting the OWC in our city centre building at 20 Crimea Street, G2 8PW. For anyone who comes to the OWC there are arrangements in place with our partners in Glasgow to access a range of emergency beds throughout the city. The OWC is a refuge for everyone this winter, including those who may not be automatically eligible for accommodation.

Glasgow City Mission and our partners will work tirelessly to ensure anyone in danger of sleeping rough this winter is offered a bed for the night. Then, through our Housing Settlement Officers, we will continue to support our guests to find permanent routes out of rough sleeping. For more information, follow this link: https://www.glasgowcitymission.com/what-we-do/glasgow-overnight-welcome-centre/.

We thank our operational and financial partners, and the general public, for their overwhelming support as we serve our guests this winter.