We are so delighted when guests who arrive at Glasgow City Mission move forward positively in their lives.

Jay* is one such guest. He had recently received refugee status and was desperate to start looking for a job. He had healthcare experience and was very keen to work in that sector.

Our colleague, Susan, is tasked with helping guests get jobs so she set to work with Jay to create a CV that would reflect his experience in and enthusiasm for healthcare work. Once this was completed, Jay identified a local care home who were looking for staff. Susan then helped him with the next step in the process, which was completing a job application.

Jay submitted the application and was asked to attend an interview. He obviously came across well because he was offered the job!

Sometimes those who do not know Glasgow City Mission assume that we are a soup kitchen. We do far more than serve soup in our three projects as we work with those affected by homelessness, addiction and poverty. Why not find out for yourself what we do by attending one of our First Friday Tours? We would love to welcome you to Crimea Street.

* Name changed to protect anonymity