Volunteer Alan Paton invited a group on a sailing trip, one of several planned for the summer, to treat some of our guests. Among them were Project Team member Derek, Robert, a long-term guest trainee, and J, one of our North African guests.

The group set off from the marina using the motor, as the winds were low. Soon, they encountered a pod of dolphins, with one surfacing just a couple of meters from the boat. This close encounter was an extraordinary experience.

As they sailed through Loch Long, they passed beautiful villages on both sides. Navigating carefully, they went by the naval base at Coulport. They stopped for lunch, and then the wind picked up on their way back, allowing for some real sailing. Each member took turns steering and managing the ropes to keep the boat moving with the wind. It was hard work but enjoyable, and the sun came out as they headed back to port.

Both guests had a wonderful time. Alan and his friend Andrew, who had also come along, were great hosts. Robert expressed that seeing the dolphins made his day, and both guests were very grateful for the outing.