CG has been living in Glasgow for the last two years since she moved up from England, as she wanted to make a fresh start.

She is living with a lot of trauma from her childhood and sadly found herself in cycles of addiction and homelessness ever since she arrived in the city. There have been challenges supporting her and keeping her engaged enough to look into appropriate services. This is because she has been in various hostels, rough sleeping and sofa surfing. She has also found herself in vulnerable situations, which have compromised her health, wellbeing and addiction issues.

So far, CG has dipped in and out of the support we have put in place for her. However, we have an open door policy that when she is ready, we will provide wraparound support including housing, addiction workers and other support agencies to offer the appropriate support to fit her needs.

Sadly, working with people caught up in lifestyles of trauma and addiction is not a linear process and takes time, perseverance, trust and compassion.

We pray for CG and those like her bound in addiction. We will not give up on her!