Housing First Accommodation

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Housing First Accommodation

Glasgow City Mission has embarked on a new accommodation project to tackle homelessness that provides homes for some of Glasgow's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people where existing routes to housing have proven not to work.

Living on the streets before moving into his new home

Transformational: from living on the streets of Glasgow to receiving his own home.

For a number of homeless people with multiple and complex needs, existing routes to accommodation prove difficult. To end the revolving door of homelessness, characterised by repeatedly moving between rough sleeping, temporary accommodation, tenancies, prison and hospital, Glasgow City Mission embarked on radical plans to purchase homes for some of the city's most disadvantaged people.

Initially, ten homes will be secured, scattered throughout the city, and made possible thanks to generous donors and legacies left to the charity.

The accommodation model will follow the successful Housing First concept, piloted initially in Glasgow by Turning Point Scotland, and which has proven to eradicate homelessness in parts of North America and Scandinavia where it has been implemented. 

Housing First turns the city’s existing accommodation model on its head. No longer will people need to progress through different types of accommodation before they are deemed suitable and trustworthy to have their own permanent tenancy. Instead, they will receive their house first as the name suggests and then the necessary wraparound support to sustain the tenancy. Crucially, this support is flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Having the stability of a home that is yours means people take a sense of ownership of it and are less likely to return to the streets.

Since operating the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter, we have witnessed a number of people return each year seeking emergency accommodation after failed experiences with supported accommodation and being banned from other services. A radical new approach is needed if we are to see long-term vulnerable people exit the revolving door of homelessness. We outlined in our Who we are, Where we're going service plan that accommodation would be part of the next chapter for Glasgow City Mission – if we can see something of the success of Housing First from other parts in the world come to fruition in Glasgow, our city and its people can flourish once again.

Glasgow City Mission identifies tenants from people they are working with under the umbrella of the City Ambition Network (CAN) – a collaborative network comprised of Glasgow City Mission, Simon Community Scotland, Marie Trust, Turning Point Scotland and the Health & Social Care Partnership (NHS and Glasgow City Council). Property management will be undertaken by Homes for Good, a local social enterprise letting agency. Tenants are then supported by their CAN Keyworker and by special Community Workers, employed by Glasgow City Mission and in partnership with local churches. 


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