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A Spacious Place

2021-08-09T14:50:45+01:009 August 2021|

Clare O'Sullivan reflects on a recent invitation she and colleague Susan received from one of our guests, to lunch at a local Persian restaurant.

Drugs, Deaths and Baptism

2021-07-30T17:07:25+01:002 August 2021|

CEO Charles Maasz reflects on the horrendous impact that addiction has on the lives of many. Hope is not lost however, as Charles shares about a recent spate of baptisms of those formerly leading a life of substance abuse and addiction.

Summer of Love (and searching)

2021-07-16T12:48:17+01:0026 July 2021|

Elyse MacKinnon uses one of television's more questionable shows to explore the concept of 'searching', and that what we're ultimately looking for may be closer than we think.


2021-07-16T12:14:14+01:0019 July 2021|

In this week's blog, Marion Carson discusses the transformation of something that is broken into something beautiful and uses the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi to describe God's ability to restore that that is worthless, into something whole.

My Shackles are Gone, My Spirit is Free

2021-06-14T16:06:07+01:0028 June 2021|

As restrictions continue to ease and our services increasingly reopen, Clare O'Sullivan compares the 'menagerie of madness' that is our weekly Gathering service, to the early church, 'living and worshipping' together.

Parent and Toddlers

2021-06-14T14:44:56+01:0021 June 2021|

James Hawthorn sheds light on the latest from the Child & Family Centre, and in particular the significance of the newly restarted parent and toddler groups.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

2021-06-16T00:38:40+01:0016 June 2021|

"This week, as we celebrate the contribution that refugees make to our communities, we also want to celebrate the volunteers who devote their time to planning, preparing and delivering ESOL classes that help our New Glaswegian community navigate their new life in Glasgow. "

Refugee Week 2021

2021-06-15T15:20:12+01:0015 June 2021|

As we mark and celebrate Refugee Week here at Glasgow City Mission, we recognise those members of our community who have journeyed from all over the world to escape what is often a brutal and traumatic past in pursuit of a more stable life. Read to find out more about Glasgow City Mission's approach to walking alongside those currently on this journey.

Everyone Home Report 2021

2021-06-08T13:44:54+01:008 June 2021|

We are delighted to be one of the 35 organisations involved in Everyone Home which seeks to be at the heart of Scotland’s national recovery from Covid-19. The aim is to leave homelessness and rough [...]

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