Fully Seen, Fully Heard, Fully Known.

2023-02-03T15:57:46+00:003 February 2023|

Chief Executive Charles Maasz provides an interesting insight into a well known piece of scripture where Jesus leads by example in breaking the socially hierarchical barriers that often prevent us from loving one another.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

2022-10-28T10:50:15+01:0031 October 2022|

Clare highlights how difficult settling down and accessing important services can be for those pursuing a new life in the country, but draws from an important verse in the Bible which reminds us to have compassion and show love regardless of an individuals' situation.

Can I have some more?

2022-10-11T15:59:25+01:0011 October 2022|

In his blog Charles discusses the power of a little faith, and the idea that this measure of faith can be sufficient.

Big Arran Challenge

2022-10-03T10:36:01+01:003 October 2022|

Bethany works for Glasgow City Mission in the Marketing and Fundraising team. Here she gives her thoughts on our successful fundraiser, The Big Arran Challenge.

The Story of a Victim

2022-08-01T18:04:57+01:0018 July 2022|

He arrived in Glasgow via London on the overnight bus. Over a hot cup of coffee in our city centre drop-in, and with the aid of a volunteer who could speak his language, he was [...]

A Day in the Life of Urban

2022-08-01T18:10:32+01:0011 July 2022|

In this week's blog, Urban Coordinator Clare O'Sullivan shares some of the activities and experiences people enjoy as they engage with Urban - our creative 'moving-on' space located on our second floor.

Weak at the Knees

2022-08-01T18:10:34+01:004 July 2022|

Marion Carson reflects on the positives of pain; how it can be gift, and how it has the power to break any relational barriers that prevent us getting closer to someone.


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