We see you

2023-07-12T12:08:08+01:0012 July 2023|

Katie Thomson, who volunteers at one of our evening drop-in sessions, highlights the importance of human connection and the difference a simple smile can make to whether or not a person feels 'seen'.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

2022-10-28T10:50:15+01:0031 October 2022|

Clare highlights how difficult settling down and accessing important services can be for those pursuing a new life in the country, but draws from an important verse in the Bible which reminds us to have compassion and show love regardless of an individuals' situation.

Can I have some more?

2022-10-11T15:59:25+01:0011 October 2022|

In his blog Charles discusses the power of a little faith, and the idea that this measure of faith can be sufficient.

Big Arran Challenge

2022-10-03T10:36:01+01:003 October 2022|

Bethany works for Glasgow City Mission in the Marketing and Fundraising team. Here she gives her thoughts on our successful fundraiser, The Big Arran Challenge.

The Story of a Victim

2022-08-01T18:04:57+01:0018 July 2022|

He arrived in Glasgow via London on the overnight bus. Over a hot cup of coffee in our city centre drop-in, and with the aid of a volunteer who could speak his language, he was [...]

A Day in the Life of Urban

2022-08-01T18:10:32+01:0011 July 2022|

In this week's blog, Urban Coordinator Clare O'Sullivan shares some of the activities and experiences people enjoy as they engage with Urban - our creative 'moving-on' space located on our second floor.

Weak at the Knees

2022-08-01T18:10:34+01:004 July 2022|

Marion Carson reflects on the positives of pain; how it can be gift, and how it has the power to break any relational barriers that prevent us getting closer to someone.

Exclusion & Embrace

2022-08-01T18:10:36+01:0027 June 2022|

The Bible mentions reconciliation a lot. We ought to assume then that it is important to get to grips with what it means. Join CEO Charles Maasz as he unpacks this theme during this week's blog.

Value in Vulnerability

2022-08-01T18:10:38+01:0020 June 2022|

Today, 20 June 2022, is World Refugee Day, followed closely by International Widow’s Day on 23 June 2022. As we prepare to mark these days at Glasgow City Mission, we are mindful of all those who have suffered hardship, displacement and loss, and in particular, those of our guests for whom these days will have significant pertinence.


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