World Refugee Day

2022-08-01T18:10:40+01:0020 June 2022|

Today, 20 June 2022, is World Refugee Day, followed closely by International Widow’s Day on 23 June 2022. As we prepare to mark these days at Glasgow City Mission, we are mindful of all those who have suffered hardship, displacement and loss, and in particular, those of our guests for whom these days will have significant pertinence.

Vulnerability as Strength

2022-08-01T18:10:42+01:0016 May 2022|

Making ourselves vulnerable is risky business in a society that only seems to value the strongest, the fittest and the smartest. Charles Maasz explores the merit in vulnerability, and how it should be seen as a strength and not a weakness.

Easter Hope

2022-08-01T18:10:44+01:0025 April 2022|

Marion Carson highlights the need for hope through the lens of the resurrection and in particular for our guests, many of whom struggle to have something to hope for. She explores where this hope come from and how we work every day to pass this onto our guests.

Remembering James

2022-08-01T18:10:46+01:0018 April 2022|

We were greatly saddened by the recent death of one of our guests. James Hyslop was known to us for many years; he was much loved and will be sorely missed. 

A Rookie’s Mate

2022-08-01T18:10:53+01:007 March 2022|

This week, one of our long-serving volunteers shares and reflects on an experience she once had with a guest concerning the game of chess.

Are We Part of the System?

2022-08-01T18:10:53+01:0028 February 2022|

Marion Carson challenges us to examine and refine our thoughts around shopping habits, and draws parallels with the Biblical story of Joseph to ask if we do enough when it comes to fighting modern day slavery, exploitation and oppression.


2022-08-01T18:10:53+01:0021 February 2022|

Clare O'Sullivan shares some of the experiences that help integrate guests into the Glasgow City Mission family.


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