Overnight Welcome Centre Award

2023-09-08T16:29:08+01:008 September 2023|

Our Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) has been honoured by Police Scotland. Our manager, Elyse MacKinnon, accepted the award on behalf of the OWC at the City Chambers.

Housing Settlement Officers (HSOs)

2023-08-07T12:09:39+01:002 August 2023|

Sometimes our guests find themselves struggling in stressful circumstances. In this case, our Housing Settlement Officers helped sort out a difficult housing issue.

Men’s Group take a trip to Tiree

2023-08-01T16:00:15+01:001 August 2023|

We recently had fabulous support from friends on Tiree which allowed our men’s group to take an exciting trip to the island and enjoy a few days away from Glasgow.

We see you

2023-07-12T12:08:08+01:0012 July 2023|

Katie Thomson, who volunteers at one of our evening drop-in sessions, highlights the importance of human connection and the difference a simple smile can make to whether or not a person feels 'seen'.

What are we thankful for?

2023-06-14T15:29:48+01:0014 June 2023|

In our latest blog, CEO Charles Maasz highlights the importance of genuine human connection and the gratitude we have for people in our lives. He emphasises the significance of deep and authentic communities, and draws a parallel between the deprivation of such communities and the trauma of being an orphan. He presents the early Church as an example of a revolutionary community that provided nourishment and support, emphasizing the need for the church to serve as a sanctuary for those who feel disconnected in today's individualised culture.

Overnight Welcome Centre 2022-2023

2023-05-25T15:19:32+01:0025 May 2023|

Our Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) ran from 1 December 2022 until 31 March 2023. For the first time the OWC was operated from our Crimea Street building to allow us to access emergency beds from a variety of venues in Glasgow.


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