Urban Wellbeing Course

2022-12-05T17:47:11+00:005 December 2022|

Our Wellbeing Course we have been hosting in Urban has recently come to an end. Read the article to find out a little about the course, and how it benefitted those of our guests that attended.

Overnight Welcome Centre Training

2022-11-30T15:24:25+00:0030 November 2022|

On the eve of the opening of the Overnight Welcome Centre, Winter Project Manager Elyse MacKinnon shares how her team have been preparing during the past few weeks in preparation to aid and assist the most vulnerable people in the city over the next four months.

Big Ibrox Sleepout 2022

2022-11-21T15:31:54+00:0021 November 2022|

Last weekend, hundreds of fans braved the elements as they camped out overnight to help raise money for Glasgow City Mission. A huge thanks to all of the fans who took part, their sponsors, and once again the Rangers Charity Foundation for hosting the event.

Overnight Welcome Centre 2022/23

2022-11-04T11:30:48+00:004 November 2022|

Glasgow City Mission is committed to tackling rough sleeping. Building on the experience and expertise of running a winter project for the last 12 years it is again our aim to make sure no one needs to sleep outside this winter.

Daily Reflections: John 5:16-30

2022-10-28T13:09:32+01:0031 October 2022|

This week we find ourselves following Jesus to a pool surrounded by people hoping to healed in the water. We read about an encounter between Jesus and a man who had been disabled for thirty-eight years, and how that encounter changed the man’s situation in an instant.


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