CG’s Story

2024-07-10T19:08:52+01:0010 July 2024|

In the first of our Pathways stories, we tell of CG who recently arrived to Glasgow from England and wanted to make a fresh start, however it's not been an easy journey as she battles addiction, homelessness and past trauma.

Jay’s story

2024-06-13T11:24:55+01:007 June 2024|

Read our latest story about Jay, who recently received permission to work in the UK and his journey into employment following support from one of our team.

Overnight Welcome Centre 2023/24

2024-06-14T13:22:46+01:0017 May 2024|

The latest report from Glasgow City Mission details the unprecedented demand faced by the Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) during its 2023/24 winter season. The report highlights the centre's efforts to provide warmth and safety to guests and the difficulties in meeting the high demand for emergency beds.

Stuart’s Story

2024-05-01T15:15:02+01:001 May 2024|

Over the past year, we have been supporting Stuart after he left residential treatment for drug addiction.

On Siawan’s bike!

2024-04-26T16:23:59+01:0026 April 2024|

We were recently able to support one of our guests navigate more effectively in the city by sourcing a bike.

Martin’s Story

2024-04-12T11:54:44+01:0012 April 2024|

Following a successful stint in rehab, Martin is beginning a new life in Christ free from addiction.

Hope for Kevin

2024-04-02T14:00:08+01:002 April 2024|

Kevin has recently left a long period of homelessness. Read about how our team have advocated for him resulting in his own tenancy.


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