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Please join with us in praying for those we serve. We long to see lives transformed, and for those that we work with to know and experience God’s love and mercy.

Regular updates

We send out regular prayer emails, which contain prayer points along with news about our work to inform your prayers. Email us to start receiving these emails. Please include your full name and postcode when you email us. Your details are safe with us, we will not pass them onto any third parties and we will only send you the information which you have requested from us.

Pray with us

View the below prayer poits as a pdf  (pdf 119Kb)

City Centre Project

 * Serving at the City Centre project Homelessness takes many forms and rough sleeping is the tip of the iceberg. Many of those we work with are staying in hostels, B&Bs and other forms of temporary accommodation. Please pray for all those we work with..

* Give thanks for the new programme of activities at Urban – designed to help our clients uncover their skills and abilities, build relationships, grow in confidence, and feel hopeful about the future. Pray too for the ongoing development of this club.

* Pray for all of the people we work with who are seeking asylum, which can be a stressful and often confusing process.

* We are starting a new Bible study for older men. Please pray that those who attend will have a real interest in things of faith.

Rough sleeping

Rough sleeping in Glasgow* Pray for those who are sleeping rough. Many have given up on life improving and do not access homelessness services. Pray that they would come to know Jesus and would chose to access services which can help them to get off the streets.

* People who are rough sleeping often have multiple and complex needs such as mental ill health and addictions. Pray that solutions will be found which meet all of their needs.

* Pray for the multi-purpose hub which the Council has given the go ahead to. Pray that there would be no barriers to this hub being set up and that this new facility will help people who are homeless to quickly access suitable accommodation.

Child and Family Centre, Govan 

Painting at the Child and Family Centre* Give thanks for a great Easter holiday club, where children have had fun and learnt more about the good news of Jesus.

* Two parents have asked the Lord into their lives. Pray they continue to draw closer to Him.

* We have started a new group for parents from overseas. Pray good friendships would be developed amongst the group members, and that we would be able to meet the needs of those attending.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer.

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  • First Friday Tours

    Come and see what happens at Glasgow City Mission’s city centre project. Enjoy a guided tour of our facilities and finish with a cup of tea and chance to ask any questions.

  • Art exhibition

    Art exhibition

    Our art exhibition returns with new work by our talented art class. We hope you can join us for great art, refreshments and more.

  • First Friday Tours

    Come and see what happens at Glasgow City Mission’s city centre project. Enjoy a guided tour of our facilities and finish with a cup of tea and chance to ask any questions.


  • Job vacancies

    Job vacancies

    We are excited to advertise for a Head of Projects to help us realise our vision of seeing our city and its people flourish.

  • Praying for the city

    We are very grateful to everyone who joined us on a freezing Tuesday night to walk the streets and pray for God’s transforming power. Those who were rough sleeping seemed pleased that people were thinking of them and were out praying for them.

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