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Please join with us in praying for those we serve. We long to see lives transformed, and for those that we work with to know and experience God’s love and mercy.

Regular updates

Our teams are serving our guests and families through phone calls and deliveries. Thank you for being a part of our work through prayer! Please keep praying.

We send out regular prayer emails, which contain prayer points along with news about our work to inform your prayers. Email us to start receiving these emails. Please include your full name and postcode when you email us. Your details are safe with us, we will not pass them onto any third parties and we will only send you the information which you have requested from us.

Our latest prayer news can be found below. This is also available as a pdf: June prayer news (pdf)

Pray with us

City Centre Project

* Give thanks that the easing of lockdown means we can meet up with our guests on socially distanced walks. Please pray that this will be having a positive impact as we walk, talk and pray together. 

* Give thanks that our guests feel able to share their prayer requests with us. One is on medication for stomach pains and asks for prayer for healing. Another is continuing their college art and design course online. She is finding it difficult but needs a good grade to progress to third year.

* One of our guests has moved into new accommodation after a long period in hospital. Pray she soon feels at home and will quickly adapt to a new way of living. Our project team are like family to her - pray for them as they support her. 

* Pray that our phonecalls to our guests will be helping their mental health and reminding them that they are loved and valued. 

* Please keep praying for us as we consider which elements of our work could start back up under each phase of the Scottish Government’s strategy for exiting lockdown. Pray we will be able to meet the needs of our guests while keeping everyone safe.

Child and Family Centre, Govan

* Pray for the online groups that are now running at the Child and Family Centre, including a weekly Bible study. Pray they will help the parents continue to feel supported and part of a community.

* There are many needs amongst the families we are working with, including emotional, financial and spiritual. Pray God would meet these needs and the families would feel able to share their concerns with us.

* Pray for wisdom to know what Child and Family Centre services we can run safely as we go through the various stages of exiting lockdown. We would normally run a family holiday club over the summer which is very popular with families and a great way to establish and deepen relationships.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer.

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