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Glasgow City Mission runs three vibrant, dynamic and life-changing projects, that each provide different services and work with a diverse range of people-groups but are connected in their desire to show love, care and compassion to all who cross the threshold of our doors.

Within each project there are many services we provide, each reflecting the different needs presented by the most vulnerable in our city. We’ve asked some of the members of our team to briefly talk about the respective service that they provide, why it’s important and how it positively benefits our guests. The videos can be watched below.

Chief Executive

Charles is our Chief Executive and is responsible for overseeing the diverse range of services we provide, future developments and strategy, our properties, partnership relationships, and the overall spiritual health and wellbeing of our Mission Community. From all at Glasgow City Mission, thank you for your continued support over the past year and have a very blessed Christmas!

Marketing and Fundraising

Jack is our marketing and fundraising manager and is responsible for sourcing the funding that enables us to do the work that we do. Jack is in regularly communication with trusts, foundations, churches, universities and schools who give generously each year, and can often be found writing thank-you letters to individual donors, who make up the majority of all funding we receive. This allows us to operate entirely independently and enables us to serve the vulnerable people of Glasgow without restriction.


Heath is our Volunteer Co-ordinator and is responsible for managing the large team of regular and committed volunteers that work with us and our guests. Without our volunteers, Glasgow City Mission wouldn’t be able to function, and their compassion, love and care is what ensures that our three projects are kept a warm and welcoming environment for our guests.

The City Centre Project is our main hub based a short walk from Glasgow Central Station. Our teams based here offer services that range from our Rehab Pathways Team to our counselling service to assistance with employability, and lot’s in-between. Learn more about the City Centre Project.

City Centre Project

Ewan is the City Centre Project Manager and is responsible for all of the work that happens in our City Centre Project on Crimea Street. Ewan shares a little about the type of work we do here and the reasons that we are dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable people in our community.


Anthea is the counsellor at Glasgow city Mission. For the past few years we’ve been able to offer counselling services to our guests; an invaluable component of the services we provide that creates a safe space for our guests to talk openly about any issues they have faced or are facing.

Employment and Education

Susan is our Employability and Education Worker and supports many of our guests as they pursue work or courses at college or university. Susan’s role is to help our guests overcome the challenges that have previously prevented them accessing work or further education.

Student Placement

Molly is currently studying towards a HNC in Social Services and is on placement with us until May next year. Molly has been getting involved with many of the different services we provide and helps run some of the classes we offer in Urban.

Mens Work

Joe is one of our Men’s Project Workers and spends a lot of time with many of the men who regularly access our services. His work involves building relationships with these men, and walking alongside them as they navigate significant challenges within their lives. Joe stresses that the work is very much centred around helping the men overcome these challenges independently, rather than doing the work for them.

Derek is another of our Men’s Project Workers and spends a lot of his time linking in with many of the men who attend our services. Derek provides a needs-lead service that aims to provide assistance with many of the issues that our male guests present with and builds trust and relationship while doing so. Many of the men that use our service experience isolation, loneliness and struggle with mental health so it’s vital that we’re able to offer one to one support in a way that is both caring and compassionate.

Street Outreach

Anthony served at Glasgow City Mission as an intern last year, and still helps out as one of the Street Outreach Team. Anthony talks about the need for our Street Outreach Team, and what our hopes are by connecting and building relationships with those on the fringes of society.

Women’s Work

Leeanne is our recently appointed Women’s Restoration project worker and is passionate about developing relationships and building trust with some of the women that have been accessing our services over the years. We have recently secured the tenancy of a space out-with our building, that will allow women with children to access the work being done by Leeanne and her team. We want to create a space for women to learn, grow and heal and we are very excited to see the development of this work.


Simon is the Assistant Manager at the City Centre Project, and talks about the importance of food at Glasgow City Mission. One of our primary aims at the City Centre Project is to provide hot, tasty and nutritious meals that can facilitate good conversation. From these conversations our teams of staff and volunteers can earn the trust of our guests and that often allows us to figure out how to provide support when there is a particular need.


Clare is our Urban Co-ordinator and is responsible for the running and development of our ‘moving on space’, called Urban. Urban provides a space for people who have backgrounds of addiction or homelessness but have made significant progress with their lives, to build skills that can help reintegrate back into society. We help people access college courses and assist with job applications, making referrals to recruitment agencies on behalf of our guests. We also have a gym, a music studio and run a popular weekly art class.

Guest Trainees

Wade is one of our Assistant Project Workers, and in addition to helping out with the drop-in and with advocacy, helps run our Guest Trainee programme. The Guest Trainee programme is a great way for some of our guests who we’ve been building good relationships with, to help in a volunteering capacity by serving at Glasgow City Mission.

Rehab Pathways

David is our Rehab Pathways Manager and works to build relationships and connections with individuals caught in addiction, and supports them into a rehabilitation programme. David and his team continue to support these individuals as they work through their programme, and following its completion, assist them in pursuit of a stable home, employment and education as they begin to seek a fuller life.

Intern Programme

Ashleigh is currently working as one of our interns which means she’s regularly helping out in drop-in, advocacy and as part of our Street Outreach team. Ashleigh has a real heart for working with the ladies that come to our weekly women’s group and shares some of the things she enjoys about it.

Rehab Pathways

David is our Rehab Pathways Manager and works to build relationships and connections with individuals caught in addiction, and supports them into a rehabilitation programme. David and his team continue to support these individuals as they work through their programme, and following its completion, assist them in pursuit of a stable home, employment and education as they begin to seek a fuller life.

Located a stones throw from Elder Park in Govan, our Child and Family Centre has worked in the community for over 30 years, building trust and relationships with families and schools. There are a wide range of services and activities provided by the team that each aim to meet the needs of those in the community. Learn more about the Child and Family Centre.


Mags is another of our Project Workers at the Child and Family Centre in Govan and is primarily focused on schools work. She runs an exciting hands-on class called ‘Messy Science’ that allows children to learn more about the Bible by engaging with fun science experiments. She also has plans for the new year that will see her running lunchtime classes in the local secondary school, providing the children with a place to develop resilience, confidence and offering emotional support.

Men and Boys

James is our Mens and Boys worker and his primary role is to connect with the males within the families we support. He runs groups at local schools for boys, and a men’s group that aims to break down the barriers that often cause men to feel lonely and isolated.

Parents and Toddlers

Valerie is one of our Project Workers at the Child and Family Centre and works with the younger children that access our services. She runs several classes for parents and toddlers and also our Mini Heroes club for primary 1-primary 3s.


Margaret is our family worker and connects with many of the families who access our services at the Child and Family Centre. Margaret works to help families build stronger connections with one another, and supports them in working towards creating the best possible environment for children to flourish.

The Overnight Welcome Centre works hard to ensure anybody at risk of rough-sleeping is able to access a safe and comfortable bed as an emergency solution until something more permanent is established. Our building is open from 9pm until 7am each night and we seek to ensure the space is a warm and welcoming environment that is able to somewhat alleviate part of the stress an individual might be facing. Learn more about the Overnight Welcome Centre.

Overnight Welcome Centre

Elyse is the Winter Project Manager and shares some of what she is looking forward to about the upcoming season of the Overnight Welcome centre, and why we feel that the service is necessary.


Graham is one of the Team Leads at the Overnight Welcome Centre. His role is to work towards sourcing accommodation for guests as and when they present to us. He does this while ensuring that the space is a warm and welcoming place and that while people are in our care, they’re treated with dignity, love and respect.

Day Team

Esther works with our Overnight Welcome Centre and is part of the Day Team. Her role is working with the guests we have accommodated in helping them access more stable and longer-term accommodation, and supporting them while they begin the next stage of their journey now they’re no longer at immediate risk of rough-sleeping.

Housing Settlement

Lauren is one of our housing Settlement officers and works with those who have been accommodated by our Overnight Welcome Centre. Her main role is to make sure that the guests she works with are able to settle positively in their new accommodation, supplying home-start items such as white goods and furniture to give them the best chance at keeping their accommodation and minimising the likelihood that the individual will return to rough-sleeping.