Not in my backyard!

With recent opposition to create a homeless unit in Glasgow's West End and widespread criticism of 'homeless spikes' in London, Chief Executive Grant Campbell serves up a thought provoking blog.

Where should those who are homeless be housed? Which church will deliberately invite the local authority to build a homelessness unit in their neighbourhood? Who will support it and engage with those in it. Who’s willing to see the potential in people?


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  • Dermot Hill:

    12 Jun 2014 13:26:46

    Brilliant blog,good questions asked,my concern is how the homeless will be dealt with in Glasgow when the games start,will it be move on nothing to see here? The council has a responsibility too make sure our homeless are cared for during this period,my fear is that police will use heavy handed tactics to move people on,I hope not but I have my doubts.

  • Grant Campbell:

    12 Jun 2014 15:25:55


    Thanks for your comment. A few weeks ago I was invited to meet with Councillor Gordon Matheson about Homelessness during the Games. Glasgow City Mission are part of a small task force to try and ensure that our fears aren’t realised. We are contacting, Police Scotland, Community Safety Glasgow, Volunteers and other agencies to ensure that authorities have the best information available to them during the games, so instead of people being “moved on” we can get people into accommodation and or the appropriate care they need. Thank you for remembering this issue at this time. Much appreciated.

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