Emotional reserves

"Where do you turn to when you’re at your limit?" asks Chief Exec Grant Campbell in his latest blog.

It’s been a busy week, you feel stretched, multiple people want your attention, you come in the door after work and it’s late. Thoughts of what to make for dinner and the length of time it’ll take quickly are replaced by a phone call for Pizza – it’s the easy option. Kids homework still needs done, dog walked, house is in a mess. Then there is the argument that becomes the fight, that leads to silence… just what you didn’t want tonight of all nights.

We all experience times of pressure and stress, at work or at home and or both at the same time. Financial worries, relationship pressures and work demands can all add up to leave us desperately craving peace and relaxation.


Growing up in a family where there was a strong Christian faith, we were encouraged to pray at times like these. Taught to seek Gods peace and to trust in Jesus when he said ‘Do not worry about everyday life… your Heavenly Father already know all your needs’ 1. It doesn’t come naturally to me and I have to deliberately choose either to trust or to worry. I’m grateful for a supportive family and for a God that holds on to me more often than I hold on to Him.

Contemplate for a moment the countless number of families that are struggling with welfare reform, loss of tax credits, or are worried about the cost of their heating bills. Maybe they have children who need school uniforms, money for school trips, money for Christmas presents, money for this, that and the next thing. Imagine just one family, a family pushed to the edge with no emotional reserves to pull on. Day after day the relentless pressure. Sometimes all it takes is one extra small thing that can be devastating to those in our society who are the ‘just coping’ as they quickly become those in deep crisis.

Making a difference

Many of the people we work with who are in deep crisis have a story of ‘just coping’. I long to be able to wind the clock back and engage with them at that point, and make a difference at that point.

Please take a moment to pray for families under this type of pressure and consider the work of our Child and Family Centre and how prevention is often so much better that cure.

1 Matthew 6:25-34

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