'Unusually large number of rough sleepers with complex needs in Glasgow'.

Crisis, along with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, have just published their findings after a five year study looking at the impact on homelessness of recent economic and policy developments in the UK and specifically Scotland. 

On the whole there have been significant improvements. Housing Options as an approach has been singled out as a significant part of these improvement.

It’s important to remember that all sorts of people face homelessness. At Glasgow City Mission we often operate at the extreme end of homelessness, where the people we work with often can have complex needs, addictions and wrestle with mental health. Not all homelessness looks like this, it can happen to anyone, and it’s easy to forget that the Scottish Government and local authorities are getting many things right and these finding reveal improvements over the past five years.

However a seperate report, Homelessness and Complex Needs in Glasgow (pdf) reveals "Multiple exclusion homelessness’ is a particularly acute concern in Glasgow, where there are an unusually large number of rough sleepers with complex needs". *

It will take a few months to reflect back and properly evaluate activity over this winter. However with record breaking numbers accessing the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter we are concerned that the trend of service user engagement of this emergency service has only being going in one direction since its inception six years ago. 

While there is clearly still a lot of work to be done to change things, we are so grateful for all who help us and are dedicated to helping at all our projects to try and see a Glasgow that is free from poverty and homelessness.

Grant Campblell, Chief Executive.

* Anna Evans Housing Consultancy, with Davidson, E. Mandy Littlewood Social Research and Consulting Ltd & Solomon, S. (2014) Homelessness and Complex Needs in Glasgow (pdf) 

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