My best friend Mark

Mark Sharp, an outstanding and much-loved volunteer at Glasgow City Mission sadly and unexpectedly died last week. His impact at Glasgow City Mission is immeasurable. 

"It’s fundamentally important to be patient, gracious and understanding whenever we’re working with people" says Grant Campbell, Chief Executive. "Mark took this to a new level."

William, pictured right, is one of the many people at Glasgow City Mission who has been impacted by Mark's love and compassion. He has written a moving tribute to what Mark means to him:

Mark and William grass sledging 

My Best Friend Mark

Mark was my friend at the Mission but he was also like a big brother to me and I’m so thankful that I had him in my life. He was there for me in good times and bad times.

We had lots of fun together and I will never forget the times we had. He took me out on lots of day trips. We went to the pictures, we went to Pitlochry a few times. We went fishing. We went out with metal detectors. We only ever found bottle lids or old tent pegs. We never made our fortune because someone else always got there first.

One time when we went to Ayr it was raining so we decided to go swimming. We didn’t have any swimming stuff with us so we went into a charity shop and bought some shorts. They were so hideous that Mark didn’t want to take them home with him afterwards. I’ve still got them at home.

After my mum died we went away for the weekend and had time at the seashore and being outside doing things. One of the best things was grass sledging and Mark helped me get my sledge up the hill a few times because it was quite heavy. We had a lot of fun that day.

Mark was always there to help me or just to help me feel a bit better. Sometimes he made me laugh and sometimes he gave me a tough time but it was just because he cared. He would always think of others first. He meant so much to me. He was really special. He was the kindest man I’ve ever known. I will never forget you Mark, my friend.

Love, William.

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  • hazey mcc:

    23 Jul 2016 17:16:54

    Dear William- Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts – especially at this time.
    it is so hard loosing a lovely friend like Mark and I am sure that he valued and enjoyed your friend-ship too.
    Such joy shared in friend-ship, can never be forgotten nor ever truly lost- for these treasured times will live on, in your heart, in the hearts of all who knew and loved Mark -inspiring each one of us to reach out and “ live in love.”
    I am sure that Mark is safe, smiling, enfolded in God’s love and feeling ever so proud that his friend , William, has written such a beautiful tribute. Thank you!

  • Linda:

    23 Jul 2016 19:50:20

    Never a truer word wax said……well done Willuam, you’re absolutely correct, Mark was a very special person and one of a kind xxx

  • Moira Massey:

    23 Jul 2016 22:06:08

    So shocked to hear of Mark’s passing.He was one of the kindest caring men I’ve ever known.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you at the mission .I know he will be very sadly missed.

  • Helen Chalmers:

    24 Jul 2016 07:22:58

    I got to know Mark through my membership of Park Church Uddingston. He was one of the most gentle people I have ever known & would also come to anybody ‘s assistance. He used to help me put up the Open Doors Information board and we always had time laughing. &shuffling over pure nonsense. It is with fond memories of laughter & a twinkle in his eye that I remember Mark: a man of God taken too soon.

  • Claire W:

    24 Jul 2016 12:35:52

    I have just seen this news on Facebook and was so upset to hear it. I can’t believe it. Mark was such a great guy. He will be so very greatly missed by so many. This is a lovely piece of writing which encapsulates what Mark was all about. Thinking of you all xxx

  • christina spence:

    26 Jul 2016 17:54:17

    What a lovely story brought a tear to my eye mark was a lovely person i could not believe it when got told he was gone everybody liked mark as very kind person great at his job so sadly missed.Rest in peace mark.

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