The worst can bring out the best

Guests enjoying being here during the snowWe’re all going to have memories of this winter past. It will be one of those winters where we will forever be recounting tales of travel chaos, school closures, no bread or milk all because of the ‘Beast from the East’

While much fun for my school-aged children, the ‘red weather warning’ conditions brought real risk to life for many of the city’s most vulnerable men and women.

We’re always incredibly grateful for our fantastic staff and volunteers and we acknowledge that they regularly go the extra mile. However, it is in times of adversity that we see people do really extraordinary things because of their love of others.

From staff and volunteers who walked through the snow in the dark to the night shelter or who mucked in at the City Centre project, to donations of 150 fresh hot pizzas – we kept these services running through extraordinary acts of kindness.

Love in adversity

It was through the persecution of the early church that the Christian message thrived as it travelled, showing Christ's love in adversity. I’m nervous about comparing snow to what was significant and desperate violence to Christians.

However, there is something about our best coming out of the worst circumstances. It was only when Moses was surrounded by an oncoming army, mountain ranges and the sea that God miraculously created a path which people in faith walked through.

In the middle of the winter chaos one of the guests at our city centre project commented, “Marks and Spencer's is shut, Tesco's is shut, but God is open.”

We’re incredibly grateful for God’s provision and how God used so many people to help us – the worst can often bring out the best.

Grant Campbell, Chief Executive.

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