Emergency accommodation for city’s homeless opens for Winter

A lifeline accommodation service for Glasgow’s rough sleepers is due to reopen on Monday 1 December. 

The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter will provide basic emergency accommodation for those with nowhere to sleep but the street.  Operated by Glasgow City Mission, the service runs in partnership with more than a dozen partner agencies all of whom are determined to tackle homelessness in Glasgow.

Glasgow Winter Night Shelter mattresses

After a safe night’s sleep in warm surroundings, a light breakfast is served. Service users are informed of the support services available across the city including Glasgow City Mission’s city centre project, before being transported to Glasgow City Council’s Hamish Allan Centre where homelessness applications are made. 

High demand expected

Now in its fifth year, demand for the service is expected to remain high. Last year, 358 individuals benefited from the night shelter during the three months of its operation. In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in people seeking their help having found themselves homeless and not being accommodated. 

Grant Campbell, Chief Executive, Glasgow City Mission said:

“The harsh winter weather can be life threatening for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Together with our partners, we want to provide a safe, warm and welcoming space for those who are forced to sleep rough in the city. 

“Critically however, we want to secure lasting help for people in the form of a sustainable housing solution. We’ve found that not everyone knows how to access statutory homeless provision. Others have had difficulties accessing it. With our advocacy and that of our partners, we’ve managed to get people into housing by connecting night shelter patrons to the local authority”. 

Improvements to homelessness application process sought

The success of previous years’ Winter Night Shelters have led to discussions taking place between Glasgow City Council and night shelter partners to simplify the homelessness application process.

Grant says: “We have been encouraged that there is a desire within the Council to improve the process of seeking accommodation for those declared homeless. Many rough sleepers have incredibly complex needs yet the process for applying for housing is also incredibly complex. By working together, we’ve been able to recommend a number of improvements and simplifications to the process. 

“Sadly there is still not enough suitable temporary and social housing in Glasgow which is the major underlying factor for rough sleeping in the city. Until more housing is built, services like the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter remain necessary. We would like to be in a position where there won’t be a need for it and would like to see this a reality by 2020” added Mr Campbell. 

The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter is based at Renfield St Stephens Church Centre on Bath Street. Staffed by full time workers from Glasgow City Mission and a dedicated team of trained volunteers, the service will open its doors at 10.30pm every night from Monday 1st December.

Partner agencies include Turning Point Scotland, Blue Triangle Housing Association, Marie Trust, Glasgow Homelessness Network, Glasgow Housing Association, Glasgow Simon Community, Gowrie Care, Shelter Scotland, Police Scotland, Community Safety Glasgow, Salvas and Lodging House Mission.

The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter was a Finalist in The Herald Society Awards 2014

Glasgow Winter Night Shelter location map and contact details

Glasgow Winter Night Shelter – open every night from 10.30pm from Monday 1 December to 28 February. Located at Renfield St Stephens Church, 260 Bath Street, G2 4JP. 

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  • M.K.:

    30 Nov 2014 20:52:17

    Great respect for organizers. Well Done

  • Jennifer duffy:

    30 Nov 2014 22:55:32

    How can I become a volunteer ? I have 7 years nursing experience and 18 yrs in care of the elderly I am now retired after two knee replacements and at 52 yrs of age would like to give something back to the community so would be grateful for any info thanks Jennifer Duffy

  • Ann Mathieson:

    01 Dec 2014 00:06:41

    Great job, but very upsetting that in this day and age in a modern city people are living in the street with no where to turn.

  • Mary Gilfillan:

    01 Dec 2014 07:42:51

    Practical Christianity in action.

    May The Lord bless all the volunteers.

  • scott jeffrey:

    01 Dec 2014 17:47:00

    How do I become a volunteer? I’m a registered nurse with addictions experience, will be having some spare time and would like to help.

  • Tony Young:

    02 Dec 2014 01:02:19

    Take my hat off to awe the team of city missions, because they do such amazing job in do it with compassion in caring way. In the way they teach the bible in giving hope in try to let the homeless people see the light. And let them see hope at the end of the tunnel, is very heart warming to see. In i would take my hat off to them if i have one because they are very insprirational team. And specially at the time like this xmas in winter coming up, they will be able to sleep comfortable in stay warm. Love awe the team at city mission. Keep up the amazing work u do. God Bless

  • Glasgow City Mission:

    02 Dec 2014 10:15:45

    Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement. Jennifer/Scott, thank you too for volunteering request. The teams are now largely in place however please email in the first instance. For regular volunteering at our city centre or Child & Family Centre, please complete an application form at Thank you very much indeed.

  • A.Mc:

    02 Dec 2014 20:10:50

    How do I become a volunteer and what experience is necessary? Would love to give something back in my spare time.

  • Robert:

    02 Dec 2014 21:28:45

    It’s nice to know people care about the homeless and that they have the chance of a warm nights sleep and breakfast

  • Helen Butler:

    02 Dec 2014 21:42:32

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for the tremendous work you all do for people less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you all and give you health and strength to keep doing it.

  • Lindsey robertson:

    05 Dec 2014 23:44:11

    Hi, I’m happy to provide wholesome food and clothing, if you can advise how I can help?

  • Carolyn stuart:

    06 Dec 2014 01:09:09

    It’s been a long time coming ,Gods time is better than our a big well done for getting it off the ground

  • paul scott:

    11 Dec 2014 01:05:54

    This is the best news ive heard in ages,it angers and embarrasses me that in twenty first century wealthy scotland that this type of facility and foodbanks should be needed. But this will be to the condemnation of those who shouldve acted but didnt. I wish you all the best of luck.

  • Carol Mcfall:

    13 Dec 2014 13:06:33

    My 47 year old brother is homeless if he came to you could you give him a bed

  • Ian Lewis Sharp:

    20 Dec 2014 22:43:05

    I am keen to help Volunteer in the night shelter. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. God bless.

  • Maria tritschler:

    14 Jan 2015 17:30:03

    hi how do I become a volunteer?i work as a receptionist in A&E at the gri(nightshift) and see several men who have to use our waiting room as a temp haven for the night and have gotten to know them over the years. Thanks

  • lewis chang:

    22 Jan 2015 21:05:21

    Think that’s. Great

  • Caroline:

    03 Dec 2015 18:31:32

    I think this is a wondleful idear for the poor people who with no fault of there own r on the streets .i think there should bus shelters to let them kno were to go at nite .

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