Celebrating Joe

Joe with plate of our vegetables

Joe started working with the mission in 1998, shortly after we moved into the Shieling building down at the Clyde river. After 19 years of service, Joe is finishing full time work and going down to two days a week as a Project Worker and one day as a volunteer.

He is pictured here collecting the last of our harvest, which was grown by our guests on our roof garden.

He says of his time at the mission, “The guys who come here become part of a community and they look out for one another. It gives stability to people who are leading chaotic lives. They know where to come when they need help and that we will help.

“It excites me that the mission has been at the sharp end of the need in Glasgow for almost 200 years. It’s profoundly life changing support.

“I’ve had a brilliant time working here. The years have flown by and God has been very good. I’m going into semi-retirement, so I’ll still be around. It’s a blessing working with everyone.”

Ewan Clydesdale, Project Manager and who has worked with Joe for many years says, “Joe is kind, generous, consistently loving and quintessentially Glasgow City Mission. He is well loved by our guests, staff and volunteers. I’m delighted he is continuing to work with us.”

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