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give the gift of new life this Christmas

Craig’s story which we feature in this year’s Christmas appeal is inspirational. He has gone from spending Christmas in chaos, trying to get money from his family to buy drugs and alcohol, to a new life in Christ, working in town and wanting to give something back by volunteering at Glasgow City Mission.

What made the difference? Having someone to talk to at Glasgow City Mission who understood his challenges and helped him to get into a Christian rehab played a big part. 

With your support this Christmas we will be able to work with more people like Craig: connecting with them over Christmas dinner, building relationships, demonstrating what Christmas is really about and introducing our year-round support.  

give the best christmas dinner in glasgow at glasgow city mission


  • A gift of £7 will provide a hot Christmas dinner for someone struggling in Glasgow
  • A gift of £22 will feed and support a homeless person for a month.

With your support, lives can be changed from brokenness to a new way forward in hope. From meeting with someone over food, we are able to get to know them, connect them to our range of daytime activities to rebuild their confidence and skills, and journey with them as they move forwards with their lives.

Above all, your gift will enable people at Glasgow City Mission to see and hear the real message of Christmas – of Christ’s transforming love.



Craig's story


I used to be in chaos at Christmas. I’d be trying to get money from my family to buy drugs.

I was kicked out of home at 17 and was sleeping rough for years. I’d started drinking from an early age. My maw and da were both alcoholics. You start running about in a gang, doing what your pals are doing.

Then my best pal died of an overdose. It really shook me up. I wanted to change but I didn’t know how to. I was coming to Glasgow City Mission through all of this. I got speaking to David [project worker] and something hit home: I knew there was more to life. I cried out to God, ‘if you’re there, help me’.

It’s not been easy but God is at the centre of things. I’ve just been given a flat. I’m volunteering at the mission. This Christmas I’ll try and give something back. 

Read more of Craig’s story.

Help us connect with more people like Craig by giving the best Christmas dinner in Glasgow. This will help us be there for those with nowhere else to go on Christmas Day and create a starting point to help people rebuild their lives.

Thank you very much indeed.

Donate now and make Christmas time a better time of year.

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  • Rhona Mackinnon:

    21 Nov 2017 18:56:15


    Do you have a need for an extra pair of hands on Christmas day?

    If so, I would be delighted to help cook / serve up / clear up.

    Best wishes,


  • Glasgow City Mission:

    30 Nov 2017 10:30:22

    Hi Rhona, many thanks for your kind offer however our team is now in place. Do check out ‘How Can You Help’ > ‘Volunteering’ page to find out more about all year round opportunities. Thanks again.

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