Phone calls and food deliveries

Our project teams at the city centre project and Child and Family Centre are maintaining relationships with our guests and families by phone and video calls. They are delivering groceries and toiletries to those that need this. 

Phonecalls to our guests are proving a lifeline. Mark is at the start of recovery from drug misuse and is finding this period of isolation really tough. Following the death of one of his friends from a drugs overdose, he describes himself as being at a ‘crossroads’. He says his choice was to: “Go to what I know best – drugs, stealing, hurting the people I love – or stay on the path of God’s love.

“Without the phonecalls, prayers and kindness, I would have went down the other road.”

David, Assistant Project Manager, arranged for Mark to get a job as a delivery driver and he is now delivering vital food supplies to those in need.

Clare would normally be coordinating our Urban project, but has turned her skills to coordinating our phonecalls to guests. She says, “This has really brought home to me how Glasgow City Mission is a lifeline for so many of our guests. I appreciate getting to talk to different people each day – it's making it easier for me to endure the lock down. Our team have laughed, cried and prayed down the phone with guests and we have managed to get in touch with some guests who we haven’t seen for a while.”

Phone service

Our project team are working their way through a list of more than 500 guests and former guests. We can help them with top ups so they can stay in touch with us and with friends and other organisations they receive support from. We’re also using creative ways to help our guests feel part of the city mission family, including exercise sessions on Zoom and live streaming our weekly Gathering service on Facebook (check our Facebook page every Friday at 2pm). We’re delivering food parcels to those of our guest who need this.

We’re also hearing good news stories, including one guest who has been accepted to study health and social care, and one of our international guests who has received leave to remain in the UK. It is great to be able to celebrate these achievements, even though it is at a distance.

Child and Family Centre

At our Child and Family Centre, we’re also staying in touch with our families by phone and responding to their needs, including delivering food and toiletries. We have distributed activity packs and are uploading activities to Facebook for families to do together at home. Easter packs and Easter eggs are being left of doorsteps. One parent says, “Thank you very much Debbie for keeping us updated, it has helped Laura lots. Thank you for the Easter bag, that cheered her up.”

It is hard not being able to meet with our guests at our city centre project and Child and Family Centre. We look forward to once again being able to meet together once this is allowed. 

Some names have been changed to protect the anonymity of our guests.

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