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We Care

22 November 2021|

James Hawthorn, adult worker at our Child and Family Centre gives the latest update from Govan and shares some of the latest news on the groups, activities and how we've been supporting those in need within the community.

Our Responsibility to Creation

8 November 2021|

As we enter into the second week of climate negotiations occurring throughout COP 26, Elyse MacKinnon reminds us not to take the beauty of the world for granted, and to pray for wisdom and clarity for those in power as they navigate what is very much a critical moment in the life of our planet.

Learning to Care for Creation

1 November 2021|

Today marks the start of the UN's annual conference on climate change, and as many are saying, the most significant to date. Glasgow City Mission Chaplain Marion Carson highlights the importance of God's creation, and gives a special mention to the children from our Child and Family Centre who have been learning about the importance of sustainability.

Our staff and volunteers – an appreciation

26 October 2021|

We recently celebrated with one of our long-serving members of staff who has retired after 23 years! One of our volunteers, Katie, gives an insight into his selfless, loving and compassionate nature.

Our children are the future

27 September 2021|

James Hawthorne gives the latest update from the Child and Family Centre, where the children have been getting out and about and preparing for autumn.

Invitation & Integration

13 September 2021|

Charles Maasz discusses the word that has stuck with him during this particular season of his life, and relates it to a clear invitation from God; to floss out the distractions in our lives and step towards becoming the people we were created to be.

Winter is Coming

6 September 2021|

As the summer sun sets increasingly earlier, we are reminded that Winter is on the horizon. At Glasgow City Mission, this means that planning and preparation for the Overnight Welcome Centre must begin as we prepare to welcome hundreds of people over the season, who would otherwise be sleeping on the street. Overnight Welcome Centre Manager Elyse MacKinnon discusses her focus for the next few months, and makes a special plea.

Cultivating Gifts and Talents

30 August 2021|

During this week's blog, Marion Carson relates an Old Testament story to the situation experienced by many of our guests. Read to find out more.

Summer Holiday Club 2021

23 August 2021|

James Hawthorne gives account of this year's family holiday club that took place in Elder Park over the course of the summer weeks. The holiday club was a big success with around 300 different parents and children coming to take part in activities.

A Spacious Place

9 August 2021|

Clare O'Sullivan reflects on a recent invitation she and colleague Susan received from one of our guests, to lunch at a local Persian restaurant.

Drugs, Deaths and Baptism

2 August 2021|

CEO Charles Maasz reflects on the horrendous impact that addiction has on the lives of many. Hope is not lost however, as Charles shares about a recent spate of baptisms of those formerly leading a life of substance abuse and addiction.

Summer of Love (and searching)

26 July 2021|

Elyse MacKinnon uses one of television's more questionable shows to explore the concept of 'searching', and that what we're ultimately looking for may be closer than we think.


19 July 2021|

In this week's blog, Marion Carson discusses the transformation of something that is broken into something beautiful and uses the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi to describe God's ability to restore that that is worthless, into something whole.


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