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Census 2022

14 March 2022|

We are offering appointments to guests, who might need our help filling in the Census forms. We are providing a space to facilitate filling out the forms for those who may not have internet access, for those who are not computer literate or those people for whom English isn't a first language.

Elder Park Garden Clear Up

3 March 2022|

We are incredibly excited about the prospect of having our very own space in Elder Park to be used by our teams at the Child and Family Centre in Govan. Read about how we've been clearing the space in preparation for making it our own.

Interns Flying Experience

14 January 2022|

We have an internship scheme for our guests who have demonstrated that they are ready for more responsibility. This enables them to get paid work with us along with an SVQ in social or child care. These roles provide opportunities to increase their people skills, build confidence and gain valuable work experience. We also like our interns to get new and exciting experiences so yesterday Anthony and James went on a flight in a light Cessna aircraft piloted by Alistair MacKinnon, who is a friend of Phil Wray our Head of Projects.

Christmas Dinner

17 December 2021|

Yesterday we hosted our Christmas dinner, a special event that is looked forward to by guests, volunteers and staff alike!

Majid’s Story

12 December 2021|

Majid made a difficult decision that meant having to leave his home country behind in search of freedom. He describes the struggle in having to leave his daughter and his wife behind, in order to create a stable living environment so that they could be safely reunited in the future.

Gift hope this Christmas

10 December 2021|

We are asking you to Gift hope this Christmas. In our appeal, we tell the story of three of our guests – John, Majid and Rukhsana. They tell their stories of family break up and pain and how they did not give up hope through the tough times before they had the joy of reunion. Glasgow City Mission was privileged to play a small, positive, part in these stories.

John’s Story

9 December 2021|

John experienced a family breakdown during the height of the pandemic in 2020. He tells the story of how he was forced to sleep in his car, and how he went weeks without a proper cooked dinner. John stumbled across Glasgow City Mission following a Google search, and linked in with our team, who advised and helped guide John towards making positive choices that ultimately lead to a reunion with his partner and son.

Glasgow Overnight Welcome Centre 2021/22

16 November 2021|

Glasgow City Mission are delighted to be delivering the Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) again this winter. Building on the success of this updated service that we delivered in 2020/21, we look forward to helping the people most at risk of rough sleeping. We will open on 1 December and will close on 31 March and for the second year we will operate out of a Glasgow city centre hotel. This will ensure vulnerable men and women will receive a safe and warm welcome and the dignity of their own bedroom.

Partnership Working: Castlemilk Furniture Project

24 August 2021|

We work with many other agencies within the city to achieve the best outcomes for our guests. One of these is Castlemilk Furniture Project, who regularly assist us in furnishing the homes of many of our guests previously street homeless. Read to find out more about this partnership.

Glasgow City Mission and Refuweegee

23 August 2021|

We recently collaborated with Refuweegee to provide a pop-up event providing essential items for international guests. Read to find out more about the event and what this event meant for those who attended.

On Our Mettle!

12 August 2021|

Clare, Jas, and three of our guests visited Sam at Pure Mettle Jewellery ( this week. Here Clare tells us how they got on:


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