Breaking the cycle of homelessness in Glasgow

Every day, we engage with guests who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. You are deemed homeless if you stay with friends, live in temporary accommodation or sleep rough on the streets. The first two categories are always at risk of sleeping rough.

We work with guests as they move from rough sleeping through the stages of temporary accommodation. We support them with their issues, provide advocacy, including them in positive activities, provide college-accredited classes, give them opportunities to volunteer and work with them as they seek employment.

We go on a journey with our guests with the destination a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Rough sleeping

Glasgow has seen a significant increase in rough sleeping numbers over the past year. A combination of factors including the cost of living crisis, a shortage in social housing, and increasing pressures on the asylum system have all contributed.

Our Overnight Welcome Centre provides a warm space through the night during the cold winter months. Staff work hard to help people at risk of sleeping rough to access emergency accommodation and then to move on to more settled accommodation.

Year-round, our Street Team connects with people who are rough-sleeping or street-begging to build relationships, invite them to our City Centre Project and connect them with other support.


Hospitality is important to us and our first point of contact with guests is often through our daily drop-ins. We provide a tasty, nutritious lunch and dinner each weekday. We serve guests at the table and we all eat together. From here we can build relationships and connect people with our other services, such as advocacy, counselling or employability.  


Our advocacy service is an opportunity to meet with guests on a one-to-one basis so we can establish how best to support them. If a guest is pursuing accommodation, our Housing Settlement Officers will work with them to secure more permanent and stable accommodation. This can include connecting people with the City Council’s Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) who are responsible for providing statutory accommodation, Shelter Scotland, who are experts at providing legal support, or the Home Office for those requiring asylum support. We journey with people throughout this process.


There is still work to be done once someone has a tenancy. There are a range of reasons someone might lose their tenancy. Dealing with utility companies and managing bills, for example, can be overwhelming.  Our aim is to break this cycle and help people stay in their accommodation. We want to ensure the individual has all the support required to give them the best chance at maintaining their tenancy and minimising the risk of returning to street homelessness. Simple things can help a guest feel at home – for example we can help source basic household essentials or new blinds or flooring.


Having a roof over your head is not the end of the journey. Our vision is to see people flourish and know fullness of life, and we journey with guests for as long as they want. We offer a range of services that help people move forwards with their lives. Guests are welcome at our Urban café where they can join classes in creative art, pottery, music lesson or work out in our gym. They can get a college accredited IT qualification, or join our choir, or walking group. We can help with college applications or job hunts. We also run Bible-based trauma healing groups, have a professional counsellor and have a weekly, informal church service.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness in Glasgow