Working in unity for those experiencing homelessness in Glasgow

As we approach the winter months, and as preparations for this season’s Overnight Welcome Centre get under way, we want to highlight the fantastic support available to those experiencing homelessness in the city. Over 20 agencies regularly work together to collectively meet the needs of those struggling with homelessness, each offering their expertise in supporting an individual navigate the different stages of reaching stability and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Partnerships are at the core of the work Glasgow City Mission do with those affected by homelessness, addiction and poverty. We work closely with a wide range of organisations from across the city for the benefit of our guests.

Working together, we pool our resources and skills to ensure the best service possible for our client group.

June Macleod, Manager
Lodging House Mission

We recognise that our staff are skilled in many areas. However, there are some areas where we are not experts. Therefore, in order to link our guests in with the best support within our city we rely on strong partnerships with agencies who are experts in their field.

We can tap into practical support from the RSVP team at the Simon Community, homelessness legal support from agencies such as Shelter Scotland and Govan Law, and support for guests who have no recourse to public funds such as the British Red Cross, Citizens Rights Project, Scottish Refugee Council and Govan Community Project. We have a strong relationship with the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership and this year Police Scotland celebrated the success of our partnership working by awarding us a Special Recognition award.

These are just some of the partners we have; there are many more and we value each one of them.  As we say in Glasgow: we’re aw in this together.

Our partners
Homelessness services

  We value our partnership with the City Mission and we meet regularly to ensure we can work together to support those in need

Jonathan Watters, Police Scotland

Working in unity for those experiencing homelessness in Glasgow