Providing emergency accommodation for people sleeping rough in winter

Glasgow Overnight Welcome Centre

We opened our first Winter Night Shelter in 2010 as a response to rough sleeping during a severe winter. This year our service changed and we opened our Overnight Welcome Centre in a city centre hotel. The Centre was open from 1 December 2020 to 31 March 2021.

This year’s Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC) has now closed its doors after providing emergency accommodation for over 200 individuals. It was very different from our previous night shelter so our guests were able to socially distance and to self-isolate if necessary. And this year it was a 24-hour service.

The OWC provided safe, emergency accommodation to anyone at risk of rough sleeping in Glasgow during the cold winter months. As with the night shelter in previous years, we expect that lives were saved, for example, because the trained team is able to spot and respond when someone is experiencing the effects of a drugs overdose.

We provided a hot evening meal which was made at our city centre project and then transported to the OWC. There was a stronger focus than ever on working with partners to enable guests to quickly move on to settled accommodation. Having a 24-hour service and a member of staff in the hotel at all times made it easier to build up relationships of trust and work with guests to find them accommodation. The capacity was 25 guests at any one time. Although it was a hotel rather than mattresses on the floor – it was still considered emergency, temporary accommodation and should only be needed as a last resort. We found this year that we were able to safely accommodate some guests who presented to us each day without them needing to stay overnight at the OWC.

We opened on 1 December 2020 and it ran till 31 March 2021.

Season Reports

Most recent report:

Housing Settlement Officers

New to our team for 2020/21 are our Housing Settlement Officers, Lorna McIntosh and Pam Mellstrom. Lorna and Pam are job sharing in a post that is funded by Homeless Link using money raised by Comic Relief. They are tasked with following up with all guests that stay at the Overnight Welcome Centre to ensure they move onto appropriate accommodation. Lorna and Pam will work closely with our partners as we work towards a brighter future for our guests.

Working in partnership

The Glasgow Overnight Welcome Centre is a project managed by Glasgow City Mission in partnership with other charities, organisations and housing associations concerned with tackling homelessness. Partners include:

Housing First Glasgow

Housing First Glasgow