Providing emergency accommodation for people in danger of sleeping rough in winter

Overnight Welcome Centre

We opened our first Winter Night Shelter in 2010 as a response to rough sleeping during a severe winter. In December 2020 our service changed and we opened our Overnight Welcome Centre (OWC). Our latest OWC opens in our Crimea Street building on 1 December 2023 and will run till 31 March 2024.

Glasgow City Mission is committed to tackling rough sleeping. Building on the experience and expertise of running a winter project for the last 13 years we aim to make sure no one needs to sleep outside during the winter months December to March.

Each year we look at this issue afresh and adapt to the needs of our guests and the landscape in Glasgow. We changed our model slightly for the 2022/23 OWC and this year we will again run the service out of our Crimea Street city centre base.

Our Crimea Street day-centre is open through the day, where we will serve dinner as usual from 6:30pm until 8:00pm, after which, our OWC team will come on site.

Anyone who finds themselves in a crisis can come, or be referred by partners to the OWC, where our trained staff operate a safe, welcoming space.

We have no accommodation in Crimea Street, however, we are able to access an array of temporary accommodation across the city to ensure nobody needs to sleep rough.

After the OWC closes our Housing Settlement Officers follow up with guests who have accessed the service the night before, and develop a person-centred move-on plan for each individual.

Season Reports

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Housing Settlement Officers

Our Housing Settlement Officers (HSOs) are now well established roles in our OWC team. Graham Kerr and Alison Mitchell are job sharing in the post. The HSOs are tasked with following up with all guests that have presented at the OWC to ensure they moved onto appropriate accommodation. They work closely with our partners as we strive for a brighter future for our guests.

Working in partnership

The OWC is a project managed by Glasgow City Mission in partnership with other charities, organisations and housing associations concerned with tackling homelessness. Partners include:

Housing First Glasgow

Housing First Glasgow

Housing First Glasgow